Exhibition Winners

Canary and Finch Society

Best Type in Show 2019

71 Type Birds – 8 exhibitors

1st Lisa Holmes – Northern Dutch Frill – Best Type in Show

2nd Lisa Holmes – Scots Fancy 

3rd Carolyn Fentner – Fife

4th Cindy Pfluger – Gloster Consort

5th Lisa Holmes – Irish Fancy

6th Chuck Rokohl – Gloster Consort

7th  Carolyn Fentner – Fife

8th Debbie Eaton – Lizard

9th Debbie Eaton – Yorkshire


Best Novice Type – 


Best ColorBred  Show Report 2019 

12  color bird – 3 exhibitors

1st Ricardo Sanchez – Agate - Best Color in Show

2nd Ricardo Sanchez– Red Ivory Intensive 

3rd Ricardo Sanchez – Black Yellow Cobalt

Best Lipochrome

1st Ricardo Sanchez - Red Ivory Intensive

2nd Pedro Bravo - Red Intensive

3rd Pedro Bravo - 

Best Novice - Pedro Bravo - Yellow Intensive

Best Melanin Colorbred

1st Ricardo Sanchez - Agate

2nd Ricardo Sanchez - Black Yellow

3rd Ricardo Sanchez - Agate White

4th Ricardo Rodrigues - Red Agate Mosaic

Best New Color Melanin

1st Ricardo Sanchez - Black Yellow Cobalt

2nd Jorge Ramos - 

3rd Ricardo Sanchez

4th Best Novice - Jorge Ramos


Best Finch and Softbill Report 2019

94 Finch and Softbill – 9 exhibitors

Best in Show - Brianna McCauley - Cherry Finch

2nd Brianna McCauley – Euro BG Society

3rd Allan Gibson– CF Zebra Cock

4th Lisa Holmes – Normal Shaft tail

5th Cheryl Burns –Chestnut Society

6th Lucille Clements –RH Gould cock

7th Dave Gilbronson – PBGO Normal Cock

8th Nancy Wilson  – Normal Shaft tail

9th Cheryl Burns – Creamino Pou`r

10th Cheryl Burns-Chocolate Self Society

Best Brianna McCauley– Black/Gray Society

Best Lucille Clements- Red-headed Normal Cock Gouldian

Congratulations to Ms. Laurie Erwin for cleaning up at the Houston Canary & Finch Society 1st Spring Show! 2019

Congratulations to all the winners & many thanks to Judge Laura Bewley for traveling on Mother's Day weekend. Results below:

1st Place: Peales Parrot Finch- Laurie Erwin

2nd Place: Mutation Star Finch- Laurie Erwin

3rd Place: Red Throat Parrot Finch- Laurie Erwin

4th Place: OH Normal Gouidlan - Laurie Erwin

5th Place: Blue Face Parrot Finch - Laurie Erwin

6th Place: Zebra Mutation - Luciano Rodriguez

7th Place: RH Gouldian - Dave Gilbronson

8th Place : Pied Java - Lisa Sheppard Holmes

9th Place: OHWB Gouldian - Laurie Erwin

10th Place : BH Gouldian Hen - Lucille Clements

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