Exhibition Winners

Congratulations to All CFS Exhibitors 2021

Canary and Finch Society
Best Bird In Show Award – Oscar Roque – Topaz Yellow Mosaic

Best Type in Show 2021

Judge Rudy Diehl
96 Type Birds – 8 exhibitors
1st  Carolyn Fenter – Fife – Best Type in Show
2nd Cindy Pfluger –  Gloster Consort
3rd Lisa Holmes – Irish Fancy
4th  Lisa Holmes – Northern Dutch Frill
5th Chase Austin – Gibber Italicus Frill
6th Carolyn Fenter – Norwich
7th  Debbie Eaton – Yorkshire
8th  Carolyn Fenter – Fife
9th   Lisa Holmes – Scots Fancy
10th  Cindy Pfluger – Gloster Corona
Best Novice Type – Chase Austin – Gibber Italicus Frill


Best ColorBred Show Report 2021

Judge Henry Vela 
33 color bird – 5 exhibitors
1st Oscar Rogue – Topaz Yellow Mosaic - Best Color In Show
2nd Oscar Rogue – Blanco 
3rd Oscar Rogue – Agate Red Mosaic

Best Finch and Softbill Report 2021

Judge Laura Watkins
93 Finch and Softbill – 9 exhibitors
1st Best Finch in Show Lauren Ogburn – Parson’s Finch
2nd  Lauren Ogburn  – Spotted Tanager
3rd  Van To – White-Eye
4th Laurie Erwin – Lutino Gouldian
5th Laurie Erwin –Peales Parrot Finch
6th Laurie Erwin –OH Normal Gouldian
7th Van To – R.C. Cordon Bleu Pair
8th Laurie Erwin– Peales Parrot Finch
9th Laurie Erwin – Red Head Gouldian
10th Nancy Wilson -  Aurora 
Best Unflighted – Lauren Ogburn - Spotted Tanager

Best Novice -