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The Canary and Finch Society of Texas, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) educational organization. Our purpose is to promote all birds, particularly the canary and finch, through educational programs, group discussions, publications, fairs, and bird shows.

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Second Sunday of the Month except Mother's Day!

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Canary and Finch Society 


We will have our next membership meeting  on August 14th.  Nancy Wilson will give a program on her trip to Australia.  "Update from Down Under"  It will be an interesting meeting.  Come and support your CFS.    

Hope to see you there.

Stay safe and healthy!    

Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental  15700 John F. Kennedy Boulevard Houston, Texas 77032

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Canary and Finch Society Calendar of Events

Board Meetings 1 PM

Membership Meetings 2 PM

August  14th - Meeting - Program from Nancy Wilson "Update from Down Under"


September 11th - Meeting


October Show & Expo 8th - Saturday- Holiday Inn Houston-Intercontinental Airport  15222 John F. Kennedy Boulevard Houston, Texas 77032

Link for Hotel for October 8th:


November 13th - NBS Show

December 11th - Christmas Celebration

Canary and Finch Society 


presents the

CFS Show and Expo October 8th 2022

Congratulations Oscar Roque on Winning Best of Show 2021
with a
Topaz Yellow Mosaic Canary

Judge Henry Vela